Unlock the Power of Your Legacy with Gift Planning

Gift Planning for Donors

Research suggests that roughly 2 out of 3 Americans don’t have a Will. Those that do often have limited knowledge of what it says. As we go through life we move, change jobs, children get older, and circumstances change; so even that those that do have a Will often find it outdated. We can help you craft a personal legacy that remembers both loved ones and favorite causes through our Legacy Gift Planning Program.

Our program provides educational tools at no cost to you, so you can learn more about how to maximize the impact you will leave for who and what you care most about, without diminishing the gifts you leave behind for loved ones.

We help you maximize your legacy through the following Ways:

    You meet with one of our trained Gift Planning Counselors to identify your financial goals and values.
    We present you with several legacy gift planning diagrams to consider that reflect your personal and financial goals.
    You choose a legacy gift plan that best represents your values and allows you to maximize your gifts to both charities and loved ones.
    We coordinate with your professional advisors to develop a legacy gift plan that fulfills your wishes.

Unlock the Power of a Lasting Legacy

“Our Gift Planning Counselor did a great job! Easy to work with. They provided us with a great explanation of how charitable estate planning works.”


– Lee Belmas

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