Every great legacy plan begins with “why.” On the first meeting in our Legacy Gift Planning Program, we routinely ask families why they work hard, who their loved ones are, and what causes they’re passionate about. They often get big, goofy grins on their face and go into great detail about what makes their first child different from their second. They get teared up when they share about the volunteering they do for a favorite organization, or how they hope their grandkids will love camping or geocaching or cello music as much as they do.

And it’s there that the foundation for all good financial and legacy decisions happen. 

Nobody needs a professional to ask those questions, but many don’t take the time to reflect on those things–even though they’re the ones that really matter. Or they simply don’t know where to start. 

So we had a crazy idea. What if we could spark some of the foundational, legacy-focused conversation that’s so core to what we do in our signature program? What if we could create an affordable legacy “kit” that would be beautiful, include some delicious treats and thought-provoking discussion questions, and would be just as appropriate for a retired couple as their newlywed kids or a single college graduate? 

So we did. We’re thrilled to announce the brand new “Live Your Legacy” Kit.

It’s a curated box of goodies and conversation starters designed to create a comfortable environment and jumpstart meaningful reflection about the values that matter most and the ways you’d like to celebrate them long after you’re gone. We’re a small team and a family-owned company, and we love to support other small businesses! So each hand-assembled box includes high-quality items from Deneen Pottery, Legacy Chocolates, Annie B’s Caramels, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Rishi Tea, and more. 

The Live Your Legacy Kit can be customized and shipped anywhere in the United States, and it’s a perfect gift–or buy one for yourself! The first batch will ship Priority from Minnesota on May 21.


One box – $89 + shipping

2+ boxes – get 10% off your order using code 2MOREBOXES

10% discount for existing GPS clients – contact your Gift Planning Counselor for details.




About the Author: Monique has a background in ministry and higher education, bringing years of experience to the Gift Planning Services team. She has degrees in journalism, Spanish, English literature/writing, and strategic leadership. She loves hearing people’s stories and figuring out ways to use creative storytelling to capture personalities, illustrate complex ideas, and inspire action.

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