Empowering Individuals to Leave a Legacy Through Gift Planning

Why Gift Planning?

At Gift Planning Services, we work with charitable organizations and ministries to provide planned giving services, training, and education. We seek to:

  • Uncover charitable opportunities.
  • Find donor and nonprofit alignment.
  • Provide expert gift planning counselors.

We operate as an objective third party to educate donors on what their legacy planning opportunities are. We want to see donors maximize their impact to both their loved ones and the causes they support through our Legacy Gift Planning Program. 

How Does Gift Planning Work?


    Connect your organization with one of our dedicated Gift Planning Counselors.
    Guide donors through a Legacy Gift Planning Program that highlights their specific giving values and goals.
    Develop each donor’s gift planning vision and communicate with the donor’s professional advisors to complete their plan.
    Maximize each donor’s impact, allowing them to give to their heirs and the causes they care about the most.

Unlock the Power of a Lasting Legacy

“Our Gift Planning Counselor did a great job! Easy to work with. They provided us with a great explanation of how charitable estate planning works.”


– Lee Belmas

The words I use to describe Gift Planning Services’ work are professional, knowledgeable, adaptable and warm. GPS comes in with confidence and kindness – true professionals from the moment they walk into the room. Their experience with a myriad of gifting possibilities in an endless variety of contexts partnered with their recollection of the details of specific tax law applications makes them a priceless resource. GPS knows they are there to serve the donor and adapts to each situation both socially and professionally to make your donor feel comfortable and secure. Our Gift Planning Counselor’s warm demeanor puts clients at ease immediately.


– Mark Hayes, VP of Mission Advancement

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